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The Shining

When Jack Torrance, a recovering alcoholic, was hired to be the caretaker for the Overlook for the winter, he thought it would change the lives of his wife, Wendy, his son, Danny, and his own.He was right.The unusual happenings and sinister forces they faced in the Overlook would change their lives forever.They tormented the Torrance family.
The forcesfirst struck Danny.In a daydream, Tony, his imaginary friend, brought him to the hotel, showing Danny the bad things that go on there.Danny is psychic and is able to see things before and while they happen.For example, when Jack came home from an interview, Danny saw a bloody mallet in the front seat in the car.When the family reaches the hotel, and was taking a tour with the janitor, Danny saw blood everywhere in an old room.One night, Danny was talking with his mom when he saw in blood writing on the wall.The word was RED RUM.As he looked away, the word appeared on the window.While in the hotel, voices called for him and tried to lure Danny into a room, Room 217.As entered the room, the door closed by itself behind him.As he explored the room and entered the bathroom, Danny noticed that there was a woman in the tub behind the shower curtain.Then, Danny ran to the door of the room, but it wouldn't open.The woman got out of the tub and came after him.Just as Danny got out of the room, the dead woman grabs him and pulls him back in.After that horrendous event, Danny was bruised but alive.While he was playing in the snow, the snow fell off the shrub animals and they started coming after the oblivious Danny.When he looked behind him, the animals were back to their original positions.Once again, he saw the word RED RUM, but this time he also saw the word MURDER.In later scenes, Danny was hiding from Jack when a ghost appeared in front of him with a shotgun and then just disappeared.The next family member to be haunted by the vile forces …


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