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the simpsons

You might look at the title of this piece and think of the great philosopher Homer, but in actuality I am speaking of the father of "The Simpsons," Homer Simpson. A lot of people know him as the beer drinking, donut loving, fat man, but he is actually the most easily relatable character on television today."The Simpsons," are the longest running animated television show because they are so easily relatable to everyday life and it situations.They are a hit all across the world and in the United States for just that reason.
When people watch the simpsons they see an overexatterated show, but if you look past that you see that there is not much difference in the show than in real life.For example, when homer and marge got divorced, that happens a lot in the 90's as well as when bart was caught shop lifting. These things happen to everyday people and their families so, technically the simpson are a cartoon, but they depecit real life events and consequences.
It is rare to see a family where everyone in it is perfect, example the simspsons. The family has a son and a two daughters which is normal, and the son gets into trouble why the other one thrives at school, which is also normal. Thus resulting in the show depicting normal family problems, like when homer had a drinking problem, many families got through that all the simpson do is put an humorous side to it.
Now a days there are so many options of what one person can do when he/she is bored, it can astonish one persons' mind. It seems to me that the most popular television shows are the ones that are the most relatable to.There are so many shows that people watch but might not relate to them. If you take the show "ER" it is one of the most popular shows on t.v. and I can guarantee you that the audience just watches it because of the drama and the looks of the actors. I mean how many people have the life of one of those p


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