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The Staking of Lucy Westenra

In the midst of melancholy, Lucy Westenra remains lifeless, encased inside a coffin of etched glass. Her skin appears unnaturally pale, so pale that it unifies with the white of her lacy gown. Pain, sorrow, and heartache have set the frame of mind within the atmosphere. All that disturbs the silence is that of a woman's weeping, and themurmuring of men.Amongst the foreground of mourners stands Dr. Jack Seward, who consoles himself with misery. Abruptly, a familiar voice summons his name, interrupting the moment of grief; "Psst, Jack!" In an insisting manner, Dr. Abraham Van Helsing motions for Jack to have a word with him, near the bend of the cherry wood staircase. Expressing his sympathy for Lucy's passing, Dr. Van Helsing fervently encourages Jack to trust him, and believe. Tremendous uncertainty floods throughout Jack's mind. "Believe?! How can I believe?" Without reservation, Dr.Van Helsing promptly requests for Jack to retrieve a set of post mortal knives. Jack simply could not accept the existence of such a request, not at a moment in time like this. "An autopsy? On Lucy?" With an aroma of sarcasm, Dr. Van Helsing straightforwardly explains, "No, no, no, not exactly, I just want to cut off her head and take out her heart." Sickened with repulsion at such an eccentric remark, Jack swiftly abandons the company of this…barbarian.
The warmth of daylight gradually deteriorates, as the majestic sun plunges behind the horizon. Nightfall casts its silhouette over the earth…
The damp night is consumed with fear and uncertainty. Slithering down the walls of stone, the serpent-like vines appear to encompass an existence of their own. The shafts of light from the whining kerosene lanterns can barely penetrate the facade of the black night. Screeching of birds pierce the silence from beyond the distance. Hearts pulsate as the intruders approach the mausoleum. Goosebumps asc…


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