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The Story of an Hour

Has young woman just died from the joy of seeing her husband alive or has she died from the heartbreak of losing her freedom once again? Louise Mallard is the woman who has just been given the news that her husband is alive.Instead of dying from the joy of having her husband alive, Louise dies from grief. Chopin does a great job portraying the main character Mrs. Mallard as a wife who is glad she is free of her husband's control. "The Story of an Hour", written by Kate Chopin shows the thematic struggle between men and woman. Chopin shows Mrs. Mallard's joy of being free of her husband's control through a few events that take place after she is told of his death.
When Louise finds out that her husband has been killed in a train wreck, she does not react in the way that many people would expect her to.Instead of becoming paralyzed by what she had just heard, Louise begins crying at once.The way that she begins to cry right after she finds out about her husband leads me to believe that maybe Louise had been waiting for this moment to come.I think that maybe she had practiced the whole routine before.Later in the story we learn that Louise never really loved her husband.Perhaps the whole time they were married she wished that he were dead.Most women would not want to believe that their husbands were dead, but Louise does not even try to confirm the information before she begins to cry.The tears were thought to be from wild abandonment, but I think they were tears of joys.Joyful because her husband is dead. Joyful now that she now has a new reason to live.
At the end of the story, Louise sees with her own eyes that her husband is alive.She dies immediately.Everyone thinks the she dies from shock, from the joy that kills.They think she dies because she is so happy to see her husband.In reality, Louise is extremely joyful until she sees her husband.I think she die


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