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The story of Nick Traina Analysis

"Nick was like a burning cigarette tossed into the dry grass at the edge of a summer forest.He was a forest fire waiting to happen, and while the conflagration began to burn, and the flames began to devour him, none of us could yet see it." (pg. 55) Nicholas John Steel Traina suffered from a mental illness called bipolar, also known as manic-depressive.In the book "His Bright Light" Danielle Steel unravels the story of her tragic race against time to discover the key to her son Nick's happiness.She shares the joys and triumphs, the difficulties and trials of raising Nick.
His mother, sister Beatrix, and his Guatemalan housekeeper Romelia raised Nick's until the age of three.Nick was an unexpected baby whose father was involved in the drug scene.The pull of addiction was to strong for Bill (Nick's father) causing him to be nonexistent for thefirst few years of Nick's life. After being through two divorces she believed she was ready again.When Nick was three Danielle met John Traina whom she admired and after six weeks became Nick's "new" father through marriage.John had two sons, Trevor and Todd who became Nick's brothers.This along with the fact that Nick's biological father decided to become a part of his life now was a lot of change for Nick at such a young age.So adapt to being the spoiled baby of the house he now had competition and it showed.Bill was now able to come visit Nick when he pleased. Clearly still using drugs, Danielle contacted the court and they decided that the many sporadic visits by a father Nick never knew could be traumatic to his development.
As a baby Nick developed mentally at an accelerated rate.He was saying words in both Spanish and English, and took hisfirst steps at the age of 8 months, and spoke in sentences at one year, which is'utterly remarkable'.Nick had an appetite of a starving boy, …


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