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The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde

The strange case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde
The story is about the dualism of human nature. The main character,Dr. Jekyll tries to seperate his good from his evil side into a different body. For that purpose he creates a drug. Finally everything gets out of hand with the result of Dr. Jekylls death.
RobertLouis Stevenson (1850- 1894) is known to be a typical author of the Victorian times. He had the ability to describe scary events in a very exciting way. Treasure Island (1883) and the strange case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde are his most popular books.
Robert Louis Stevenson was born in Edinburgh as a son of a religious family (calvinism). His fathers profession was to construct Lighthouses. He was supposed to continue with this family tradition, but on account of his poor health he was not able to step into his fathers footprints. In 1875 he graduated from Edinburgh university and received the title of an advocate.
His literary career started as a journalist. He although published essays about several trips through Europe he had gone on. In 1876 he met Ms. Osbourne, an American Lady who stayed in France. Together they went back to the states and got married.
The last episode of his life was a stay in Samoa where he dedicated his life to improve the situation of the native population. As a result of that he got into a conflict with the German colonial supremacy. By the time he died his popularity as a writer had reached its climax.
In the beginning of the story the character of Mr. Utterson is introduced. He ' s a lawyer and although a friend of Dr. Jekyll. While talking to a friend he finds out about a man named Mr. Hyde, who had trampled over a girls little body. Everybody who looks at him is paralysed by his creature. The incident which makes this whole case seem suspicious is that Uttersons friend and client Dr. Jekyll gave him a handwritten will, in which he declared Edward Hyde as his sole heir.


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