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The Taming of the Shrew

Shakespeare's play, "The Taming Of The Shrew", was originally about Petruchio taming the cursed Katherine and also about which suitor marries Kate's younger sister, Bianca. Although this movie is similar to the original, it has a very different ending. I thought this movie was pretty good but I think that there are some parts that could change.
It begins with Cameron James moving into a new community and when Micheal Eckman gives him around the school, Cameron sees Bianca and instantly falls in love with her. He decides to ask her out on a date when Micheal tells him that the Stratfords aren't allowed to date until Bianca's older sister Katherine finds a datefirst. Joey Donner, who also likes Bianca, goes to Patrick Verona to bribe him with his money to date Katherine. Patrick agrees but when he tries to get kat's attention, he finds out why everybody hates her. She's an independent, outgoing person with a mind of her own and a really big temper. After Patrick wins Kate's heart, he realizes that he too loves her. Cameron also eventually gets Bianca's attention and everything ends happily.
There were many ways in which the characters in this movie were similar to the ones in the original play. Kat always had a big temper and was also hated by the townspeople because of this. You can tell this is true because no one wanted to date her and she smashed Joey Donner's new car when he wouldn't move it. Kate from the original play also had a big temper because when Hortensio was giving her the music lesson, she hit him over the head with the lute when he tried to correct her fingering. Patrick is similar to Petruchio because they're both greedy for money, (Patrick wouldn't go out with Kat if he wasn't paid and Petruchio wouldn't marry Kate if the dowry was too small), and they're also both strong and determined men. This is shown when Micheal tells C…


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