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The Tempest and The Explorers

" You taught me language , and my profit on't Is, I know how to curse.The red
plague rid you for learning me your language!"
The two texts The Tempest and The Explorers are shown to be both highly influenced
by the time period in which they were composed.The targeted audience also played a
significant role in the formation,language and ideas conveyed within the texts.
The most notable influence and theme throughout the tempest would have to be
Montaignes essay "On Cannibals" in which he continually asserts that what is natural
is synomous with what is good, and that nature herself ought to be the light which
human action is guided. Shakespeare incorporates this theory in the character of
Caliban, the mere name'Caliban' mirrors the word "Cannibal".
Both Montaigne and Shakespeare explore the relationship between nature and modern
civilisation. Montaignes idealisation of cannibals contrasts sharply with
Shakespeare's portrayal of the brutish Caliban.
Shakespeare's cannibal (Caliban) appears to be as pathetic,crass and vulgar as any
individual can possibly be portrayed Caliban'sfirst speech emphasises the conflict
that arises from his lack of gratitude towards his master. Prospero, having drawn
Caliban away from his savagery and towards modernity, believes that Caliban owes
him a debt of gratitude. Caliban essentially feels betrayed and this is evident in the
tone and language used to address Prospero in hisfirst speech:
" This Island's mine by Sycorax my mother,which thou tak'st from me. When thou
cam'stfirst, Thou strok'st me and made much of me……
…….and then I loved thee………..
For I am all the subjects that you have,Whichfirst was mine own king, and here you
sty me in th…


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