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The Things They Carried

"The Things They Carried," written by author Tim O'Brien, is the fictionalized realistic war story telling of the baggage and necessity created by and in war.The story is told through the third person narrative, utilizing either Tim himself or some unknown/unnamed soldier telling it as it seemingly happened, as the narrator.The narrator whoever it actually is, told the story in a somewhat reliable manner.Nothing within the story seemed to contradict or overlap anything else, but the narrator certainly did jump from person to person telling of their feelings, actions, and importance.The narrator also expressed "supreme omniscience."This meant that the narrator knew all the thoughts, feelings, and emotions that all characters in the story seemed to display.This story is strictly narrative in the sense that no sort of actual dialogue is spoken throughout the piece.So, the text is very descriptive about what is really in and about the story.The story descriptions !
ranged from the things the soldiers carried to descriptions of how and who the soldiers were."The things they carried were largely determined by neccessity.Among the neccessities or near-neccessities were P-38 can openers, pocket knives, heat tabs, wrist watches…"(O'Brien 419).The narrator is very cleverly developed, should it even just be O'Brien himself.Placed in the middle of one of America's most fierce war outings, the narrator seems to pull off a non-chalant insight as to what is going on, on and inside the battlefields.O'Brien made his narrator a calm news reporter like entity, and created The Things They Carried's brilliance.
Tim O'Brien's war tale, made use of only one characterization method.This is not saying that the characters themselves did not come to life within the s


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