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The Third Twin

The Third Twin by Ken Follett is a type of mystery book.It makes you look at different aspects of the story.When you think you know what's happening it is not always what you think.
Dr. Jeannie Ferrami, a scientist funded by a university who is doing a study on twins is one of the main characters in the story.Jeannie Ferrami is tall with long brown hair and is also very athletic.Steve Logan a student at another college is also a very important character in the story.Berrington Jones the head of the college funds Dr. Jeannie Ferrami until Jeannie discovers something Berrington didn't want her to know.Ricky Phillips Berrington's son is a twin just and he plays a small part but with a big impact on the story.Lisa Miller who is Jeannie's best friend comes early into the story playing a very dramatic role, another small character is Dennis Pinker one of the twins in the story who is a murderer and is also being studied He is one of Steve Logan's twin brothers.
Lisa Miller and Jeannie Ferammi are play tennis at the university they work for while changing in the locker room a fire breaks out in which Lisa is caught.Ricky Phillips poses as a security guard and ushers the woman out of the locker room all except Lisa who he rapes in the locker room.Soon after Ricky leaves Jeannie enters the locker room looking for Lisa who she finds unconscious and calls the firemen to help her get Lisa out.
Lisa then ends up at the police station filing a report and giving a description of the man whom raped her.
The next day Jeannie finds a match in the system she created to help aid her in her search for twins.In her research Jeannie is trying to prove that twins have the same behavior patterns as other twins.In Jeannie's system she came up with Steve Logan and Dennis Pinker and found out Steve Logan was a model student at a college campus across town and Dennis Pinker was a conv


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