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The Tiger

A Modern Twist to a Classic Fairy Tale
Throughout history, the fairy tale Beauty and the Beast has been ever changing."The Tiger's Bride" by Angela Carter is a modern version with a few distinct trademarks.It is authentic in nature because of the period in which it was written."The Tiger's Bride" was published in 1979, centuries after the original version of Beauty and the Beast.Carter chose to write the short story from Beauty's point-of-view in order to exemplify her own feministic ideals.In addition, the heroin, Beauty has evolved from a passive, loyal, and submissive young lady into a confident and stubborn woman who freely expresses her anger toward men.From the changing of times to the changes in Beauty's attributes, "The Tiger's Bride" is entirely unique.In the late 70's, women had minds of their own and their futures were not restricted to serving their husbands.
Angela Carter's writing was influenced by women's newfound poise.This was a period in which women ventured out of the kitchens in search of prominent job titles.These women were not willing to sit back and wait for the men to bring home all of the glory.They also were not afraid to stand up for themselves.It is obvious that Carter believed that women should not take every authority figure's word as the law.She felt they should be free to express their ideas in all situations. Carter specifically demonstrates this through Beauty's unwillingness to do what the English nurse asks of her."I was a wild wee thing and she could not tame me into submission."Beginning when Beauty was young, even the nurse could not scare her into good behavior.She never took anyone's wishes except her own into account.Individuality and women's
rights were also extremely important during this time.Women could act however their hearts desired.Their futur…


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