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The Time Machine

The Time Machine is excellent novella with a profound moral message. It
conveys the morality through a man's journey into the future and his encounter with the evolved form of the human race. This essay will examine the fusion of the fantastic futuristic ideas based on British society and introductions to thought provoking scientific theories.
Herbert GeorgeWells was a man of science. After attending theNormal School of Science, he became a teacher. He studied under Thomas Henry
Huxley, a famous advocate of the scientific theory of evolution. Wells was
interested inthe concerns of the lower classes and the inequality of British
society. For this reason he joined a socialist group called the'Fabian Society'. They believed that social reforms, and the alteration of the political structures would bring about a gradual improvement of the social system.'The Time
Machine' portrays these ideas and beliefs clearly.'The Time Machine' was
published in 1890s. It was considered one of the forerunners of the science
There are three crucial temporal settings: thefirst is the time travellers home, the second and most significant is the Eloi and Morlock world, and the third temporal setting is further into the distant future.
The'Eloi' people are the descendants of the upper class. They live in an utopia or heaven. With the landscape full of green and flowers they were happy and amazed by the Time Travellers appearance. Maybe because many of them have not seen an adult. Thereappearance seemed neo-Grecian. They are very
beautiful with curly hair, minute ears, small mouths– with bright red lips, they were small and fragile and behaved like young children:
"Then one of them asked me question that showed him to be on the intellectual level of one of our five-year-old children– asked me in fact, if I had come from the


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