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The Tragedy os San Luis Bridge

Thesis: Parental love are important theme in the Bridge of San Luis Rey.We see this theme in the stories of Do&ntildea Maria, Madre Maria del Pilar, and Uncle Pio.
II.Madre Maria del pilar's Love.
The Bridge of San Luis Rey begins by telling us how in Friday at noon on July 20th of 1714 "The finest bridge in Peru broke and precipitated five travelers into the gulf" (Wilder pp 5) Brother Juniper, a monk who saw the accident and began an investigation into the lives of the five travelers.This took six years investigating their secrets lives.Also Brother Juniper wanted to know if this incident was provoked or where for destiny of god.In this book the author mentions about how important is love.In this book I found three parental loves between Maria the Marqueza, Madre Maria del Pilar and Uncle Pio.
The firs parental love is between the Marqueza and her daughter Do&ntildea Clara.Do&ntildea Maria the Marqueza was a daughter of a cloth merchant.She was not happy when she was little also she was ugly and she stuttered, her mother persecuted her with sarcasms.She got marry when she was twenty six years old.On this marriage were born a girl named Clara, but she always felt alone.Do&ntildea Maria the Marqueza educated her daughter in the same manner how she was educated.She never let her daughter have friends not even boyfriend.She refused to get marry.Do&ntildea Clara intentionally chose the one that required to get far away from her mother.So she moved to Spain.This place was too far from Lima the letters took six months to deliver.Do&ntildea Marqueza started writing a great letters to her daughter.In this book the author said that the Marqueza wanted her daughter for herself and she was


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