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The Train is the Cycle of Life in Whistle Stop

In any kind of story there are always symbols that represent something, wheather it has a major or a minor part in the story.Symbols are objects in stories that represent something else like a related theme in the story.Some examples of symbols in stories are a bird representing freedom, the colour red representing anger, a dove representing peace, spring representing rebirth, et cetera.In Fried Green Tomatoes at the Whistle Stop Café, the train is a symbol that represents the cycle of life in Whistle Stop.The train represents the cycle of life by it bringing life, suffering, and death to Whistle Stop.Some examples of the train bringing life are when Ruth came to Whistle Stop, when Big George came to Whistle Stop, and when Railroad Bill gave away food and coal from the train.Some examples of the train bringing suffering are when Stump lost his are, Buddy's death, and when Ruth had to leave Whistle Stop.Some examples of the train bringing death are when the train system shut down, and when Buddy died because the train hit him.Now this leads to thefirst point of how the train brings life to Whistle Stop.
Part of the cycle of life is when the train brings life to Whistle Stop.It can also be referred to as the mother of Whistle Stop by giving birth to the town.It gives birth to the town by bringing people in everyday.This is a major part of the town's development and its growth in population and businesses.Whistle Stop would not be able to function if it was not for the train.The train also brought people who were important in the novel to the town, who furthered events in it.An example of the train bringing life is:
"So we never did know the baby's real name.Sipsey said since he came off the train, she should just call him George Pullman Peavey, after the man that invented the pullman car.But whoever his real daddy was, he must have been a big man, because George grew up to…


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