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The Transformation of Celie: A Color Purple Story

In The Color Purple by Alice Walker, the protagonist Celie is pulled into conflicting directions by two compelling obligations: to be under full control of an abusive husband or to be independent, assertive, self-reliant.At times, Celie vacillates, often remaining indecisive before making a life altering decision.Under the rule of male dominance, Celie accepts her situation until she finds out that her sister Nettie is still alive and is living in Africa as a missionary.This good news gives her the courage to make her stand for independence.
To begin with, Celie submits to male dominance and controlling events in her life, but then through a series of troubling times she builds up the courage to affirm her womanhood.Celie's continuous letter writing reveals the rape committed by her stepfather, which produces two children.Ever since her mother passed on, Celie has to carry out her responsibilities along with her inherited tasks of domesticity, which only adds on to her hardships, which are physical and verbal abuse.By writing letter after letter to God, she holds the hurt within, which will soon break her spirits if there is not a source of redemption.In times of trouble, Celie remains indecisive to leave her cruel husband to start a better life as an independent woman. With each failed attempt, her husband continues holds her back from becoming independent in society by not letting her see the letters from Nettie telling her about Africa.Another contributing factor is that she is an African-American woman who is limited in acquiring money or the basic needs for herself, thus rendering her dependent upon a spouse.She gradually builds courage taking each step to its final destination- independence.Her newfound courage causes her to bad-mouth her husband at the dinner table amongst guests, and try to carry out a plot to kill her husband.She also finds the long lost letters her sister Nettie have been sending …


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