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the trouble with marriage

In Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice the most important topic
to theme and character development throughout the novel is that of
courtship and marriage.From the veryfirst chapter; the veryfirst
line, in fact, you see that this is a novel about the surmounting
obstacles of courtship and the levels ofdifficulty in achieving
romantic happiness, for it is well-stated that"it is a truth universally
acknowledged that a singleman in possession of a good fortune
must be in want of a good wife."(1)As one of the most famous lines
in literature it immediately establishes the centrality of marriage to
the novel .This is donefirst by introducing Mr. Bingley, an event that
sets the novel in motion; second, by its implication that the real truth
is the opposite…that a single woman is in want of a wealthy
husband.Marriage in Pride and Prejudice is a means of survival in an
economy-based environment.It is the playing card by which all
single women hope to score big and settle down with their winnings.
The Bennett's are a perfect example of the institute of
marriage that is exemplified in most every case ofPride and
Prejudice.They married for the most noble of reasons in their time.
Mrs. Bennett whose only purpose in life seems to be to find
husbands for her daughters, and Mr. Bennett whose marriage to her
is explained as him having been, " captivated by youth and beauty,
and that appearance of good humor which youth and beauty
generally give" resulting in his marriage to "a woman whose weak
understanding and illiberal mind had very early in their marriage put
an end to all real affection for her" (176).It can be best stated that the
two of them mergedfor security and social climbing in the same
way AOL and Time Warner have merged as corporations to improve
their own individual worth.They are each others social game pieces…


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