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The True Story of Spit McPhee Character Profile

Angus McPhee is the main character the the text and is commonly known as Spit McPhee.He is 10 years-old when he is introduced into the book.When Spit arrived in St Helen, he was 5 years-old and immediately copied his grandfather in every way including his course and crude language.He shouted aggressively because Fyfe did, and he spat (or tried to) in imitation of Fyfe's frequent and noisy spitting, owing to smoking a short cubby pipe.Inevitably, Angus was known as Spit, and it was a nickname he didn't mind.Angus would spit dryly and forcefully to state his position.By the end of hisfirst summer, Spit was a brown, bare-legged, barefoot copy of his grandfather, who never seemed to restrain him.Spit was left free to wander wherever he liked.Spit was a very good swimmer and in a few days the river became his secret home.
A key moment for Spit during the opening chapters is his connection with Sadie Tree; a quiet and clever girl who watched everything, saw everything and said so little that very few girls her age even noticed her.It was at the Little Murray that Spit formed a friendship with Sadie.Spit's passion for watching the currents and sending boats along the river carrying messages to unknown destinations, often took him along the bank downstream to pass by the Tree's house.He loved to guess or calculate the complex twists and turns in the currents and eddies, or puzzle over the reasons for their endless variety.One day, when he was absorbed by one of his little boats, he heard a voice behind him, which told him where his little boats always ended.This is how they met.They sent messages to each other on the river, and he realized that his private and imaginative world had been penetrated, and he now had a companion.
Besides his grandfather and Sadie, Spit had very little contact with the other towns-people.Spit is afraid of nothing and nobody, which clearly intimidates most of S…


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