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The Truman Show

'Why let the truth ruin a good story? Peter Weir's film The Truman Show shows that the media readily distort the truth for their own gain'
The media willingly distort the truth for their own gain.They do this by using advertising.Sometimes clearly or by using subtle ways, but the outcome is always the same, with the media being the beneficiaries.The media will also twist the truth by exaggerating events or even orchestrating them by using special effects.The media will also play on human emotions so that people will react to the media's advantage.
The media in The Truman Showuse Truman Burbank to generate the income of a small country.They do this by using advertising to their advantage.The media will twist Truman's realism by giving him false information about how he lives and the events that happen to him.One example of when this has happened is when Truman is pressed up against a sign so that everyone watching will see what the sign is advertising.Another example of when The Truman Show capitalizes on advertising is when they get Meryl to advertise a Mococoa drink.
In The Truman Showspecial effects are readily used to create scenarios where the truth is fabricated for the interests of the show.For example when Truman is a little child he and his father are out sailing when Christof, the creator of the show, changes the natural environment to create large waves so that Truman's father is thrown overboard.From this event forward Truman believes that his father is dead when in fact he has just been written out of the script to make the show more appealing to the audience.Another example of when the truth is twisted by the media is when The Truman Show fakes the forest fire to contain Truman with in Sea haven.Christof fakes the forest fire by using pyrotechnics and using the radio to give Truman false information.It is now obvious from examples such as these that media


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