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The Truman Show

The statement “A feature film is not just a product of the film-maker's imagination or creativity. It is representative of the culture to which its audience belongs.” Is definitely true. Feature films are not constructed entirely just to entertain the viewer but to also get the viewer thinking about the messages that are communicated in the film. The text that I will use to demonstrate the truth of this statement is the feature film The Truman Show, directed by Australian Peter Weir and written by Andrew Niccol. This film is an appropriate text to use as many different themes are explored that are relevant to our contemporary western culture. These themes include how the media is becoming too powerful and must be stopped, how forms of entertainment have now just become vehicles for commercialism and how our society is based on Christian values. The central character in this film is Truman (True-man) Burbank. Burbank is where many of the famous television studios are located including Warner Bros. And Disney. The “creator” of the show is Christof (of Christ) who is the God-like figure who has complete control over everything that takes place in Seahaven. Seahaven can be interpreted in two ways. Thefirst is Sea-Haven with Haven being a safe and secure place, which is true in Trumans case as in Seahaven he is protected from the dangerous world that is outside the massive studio. The other interpretation is Sea-Heaven which is also true as Truman has a pleasant and good life in Seahaven.
The film The Truman Show reflects how our contemporary western culture is very much driven by commercialism. In today's society commercialism is everywhere and every day we are subjected to quite possibly over a hundred advertisements every day. Adverts are not just restricted to the home as both buses and bus stops are used to promote products and in cities we find massive billboards selling products and large advertisements plastered onto…


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