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The Truman Show

Ahhhh The Truman Show, my favorite motion picture, the comedy that makes you
question absolutely everything.Its a movie about a show about a guy who is being watched on
television all over the world, lives in a fabricated community, and is the only person on the planet
who is completely oblivious to the whole plot… at least for a while.For most of Truman's life,
the director of the show manages to make him believe that all he sees around him is genuine,
spontaneous, unscripted life, when in fact Truman is trapped in the middle of a soap opera with no
way out.The film deals with many of the same topics that we've been learning about in class.
There are the different types of knowledge, the different ways of knowing things, and several
theories regarding what is true and what isn't.
The Truman Show started with 5 unwanted pregnancies.Truman, born early, was
selected and started the show with nothing but his A priori instincts.As he grows, his gumption
combined with necessity create in Truman, a paradigm.This is how it works for just about
everyone.Except in Truman's case, everything that he perceives has been artificially created in
order to construct a type of reality in which he may be manipulated.An aspect of the show that
attracts many viewers, but that threatens the show in its entirety, is the concept of paradigm shifts.
Toward the end of the show, Truman undergoes a number of these shifts.One of the hardest of
the shifts for Truman to understand is when he sees his father (who was lost at sea when Truman
was very small) living on the street as a bum.As soon as it is evident that Truman recognizes the
bum, he is forcibly removed from Truman's sight.The audience was very excited, but the
Director was scared out of his mind.A few more of these shifts occur to Truman through the rest
of the movie;when his radio announces his car's loc…


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