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The Ultimate Gothic Novel: Wuthering Heights

Emily Bronte's novel Wuthering Heights is the story of Heathcliff, a dark outsider who falls in love with a girl named Catherine. The reader soon finds out that the once calm and conservative Heathcliff becomes a revengeful and spiteful person who rages at the obstacles that keep him from being with Catherine. Wuthering Heights contains supernatural events, the change of weather in accordance to how things unfold and a series of violet events; all of which make the book a Gothic novel.
Throughout the book there are several appearances and conversations of ghost. During Mr. Lockwood'sfirst night at Wuthering Heights, he encounters the ghost of Catherine. In the middle of the night, he wakes up to what he believes is the sound of fir branches scratching at the window; however, when he gets a closer look, he realizes that it is "the fingers of a little, ice-cold hand" (24). This is thefirst time a ghost appears in the novel. At another instance, Heathcliff feels as if Catherine is reaching for him beyond the grave. At this point and time, he feels a " 'strong faith in ghost [and] a conviction that they can and do exist'" (297). Furthermore, after Heathcliff dies, "the country folks swear on their Bible that he walks" (348). They claim to have seen him walking the moors and by the church. The appearances of ghost in the novel seem to symbolize a lack of closure between lovers. The ghost of Catherine wants to be with Heathcliff; while Heathcliff wants to believe in Catherine's ghost so that way he can still, in some way, be with her. These examples tie in both romanticism and ghost, thus categorizing Wuthering Heights as a Gothic novel.
Another characteristic of how Wuthering Heights is a Gothic novel can be seen in how the weather changes in accordance to the events that are unraveling throughout the story. Before Catherine dies, there had been "three weeks of summer&quo…


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