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The Wolf From Within

Being a monster is monstrous enough…but being a monster when you want to be a regular guy is a tragedy.This holds true for two men Will Randall-chief editor of a New York publishing office- in the 1994 horror movie "Wolf" and Larry Talbot-an American educated son of London astronomer Sir John Talbot- in the 1941 horror movie " The Wolf Man".After being bitten by a wolf, they both began to experience the transformation into a werewolf.It is said that once someone is bitten, if that person was evil in their ways before being bitten, they will be just as evil as a werewolf. This helps to explain why these two men leading different lives-but going through the same change, displayed so many different characteristics.
Will is what one might call a "civilized man". He is a chief editor of a New York publishing office. He is married with no children. The type of man who puts others before himself. After being bitten, thefirst changes are apparent as he sleeps all day and is awake all night followed by the sudden acuity of his sensory perceptions.He gains the ability to read without his glasses.He can smell an early-morning nip of tequila on a co-worker's breath from the other side of the corridor and hears soft voices coming from another floor.He has the ability to sniff his wife's dress and identify the scent of his wife's lover.Will's personality also takes a shift; he is no longer a meek, easygoing man. Will becomes decidedly "wolfish" in fighting for his job after his firm is taken over by business tycoon Raymond Alden who degrades Will and brings a weasel like sycophant Stewart Swinton into replace him.Will also gains a measure of courage when it comes to dealing with the members of the opposite sex, as is displayed when he catches his wife cheating on him.He begins to take a liking to his boss's daughter, Laura (who in the end


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