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The World is Not Enough – different stages of production

Since 1962, there have been 5 different people who have played James Bond and 18 Bond movies. The film that I will be discussing is'The World Is Not Enough' starring Pierce Brosnan, Judy Dench and Robert Carlisle. On the opening weekend, this film had a box office take of $37,000,000 compared to the $25,000,000 that the previous Bond movie'Tomorrow Never Dies' took. So how is this film so successful? This essay looks at the significant aspects of pre production, production and post production to help to see how Bond 19'The World Is Not Enough' was such a box office hit.
The USA release date of'The World Is Not Enough' was set to be on November 19th 1999, 2 years since the previous film. This gave Michael Apted, the director, 24 months to come up with a Bond film different to all the others.'The World Is Not Enough' is Bond's family motto- it was the film to take us into the millennium, so it had to be good! Thefirst thing needed was a script – it took Robert wade and Neil Purvis around 6 months to come up with an exciting yet diverse script. The thing about Bond is that he is always going from location to location never looking back. This is what sets'The World Is Not Enough' apart from the others because Bond actually revisits a location he has been to previously.
Next, a very important aspect of pre-production is the budget. It cost over $100 million dollars to produce'The World Is Not Enough' and the film must make 2.5 times that to make a profit. Bond is all about his locations, they are famous for being striking and exotic, this is another reason why'The World Is Not Enough' is set apart from the rest. All the scenes were shot in sets in Pinewood Studios in London, apart from the scenes set in Kazakhstan, which were filmed in Spain. This is because it can be extremely difficult to find locations which are able to be …


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