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Diverse Characters
in F. Scott Fitzgerald's
"The Great Gatsby"

In the novel the great Gatsby there are a variety of different characters. Many of them are the careless rich. There are also others like Gatsby and Nick Caraway who demonstrate diverse personalities. Gatsby is a man with unrealistic goals. Nick caraway is the one down to earth character. Daisy is the stereotypical wealthy person who has no cares.
Daisy, the love of Gatsby's life, is a materialistic woman. She illustrates her materialism by marrying the wealthy Tom Buchanan. She could have waited for her true love to come home from war. Daisy is also careless. She demonstrates this when and Gatsby were driving home. While she was driving she struck myrtle Wilson and didn't even stop. Moreover Daisy is heartless. She shows this when she left myrtle mangled in the street and also when she didn't attend Gatsby's funeral.

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Nick, a bondsman in his late twenties, is the narrator of the story. Nick is a polite person. He withholds judgment about other characters until the closing chapters when he is simply fed up with them. Nick is an honest person. He is honest with himself about his problems and situation. An example of this is how he saw clearly how his relationship with Jordan was going. Another example of his honesty is when he turns down an offer to make easy money in illegal operations. Most importantly Nick is loyal. He exhibits his loyalty when Gatsby is murdered. Nick took full responsibility of his funeral arrangements.

Jay Gatsby, a wealthy bootlegger and close friend of Nicks, is the main character of the novel. Gatsby is a romantic idealist. He believes without any doubt that he can obtain the American dream, by marrying the love of his life who is already married with a daughter. Gatsby is also terribly optimistic to the point of being unreal. Gatsby believes he can turn back time and erase all the corruption that…


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