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Their Eyes Were Watching God

Their Eyes Were Watching God shows how Janie faces becoming a woman and a
semi-autonomous individual.I think the novel is based slightly on Zora Neal Hurston's
own life.
Janie endures many hardships throughout the novel.She is forced to live without
her mother, under the absolute control of her grandmother, and in an all white
environment.In the beginning she has a total lack of self identity; she thinks she is white
just like all the other children.
Janie's grandmother, Nanny, discusses with her about how she is getting old and
won't always be around to take care ofher.She tells Janie that marrying would be wise
so that she would have someone there to look after her.Janie isn't ready for growing up,
much less marriage.In the long run, though, the decision is forced upon her and she is
wed to Logan Killicks.
The marriage runs smoothly until the "foot kissing" stage is over.Logan makes
Janie work in the fields with him and do ordinary work just like a man.This experience
further rushes Janie's growing up, even though she still has no control over her life.
She knows that marriage did not make love.Janie'sfirst
dream was dead, so she became a woman.(24)
Realizing that it is impossible for her to love Logan, Janie decides she must grow up; her
innocence is lost.
Janie contemplates what to do about her situation with Logan; should she leave
him or should she stay with him and suffer.Joe Starks is introduced into the story and
helps influence Janie's decision.He proposes many wonderful things to Janie.
You ain't never knowed what it was like to be
treated lak a lady and Ah wants to be de one to
show yuh.(28)
She debates with Logan one night about if she were to leave him.Logan considers this
absolutely absurd.
Shucks! Tain't no mo' fools lak me.A whole lot of mens
will grin in yo' face, but dey ain't gwine tuh work and feed…


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