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Their eyes were watching god

In this book the main character, Janie, went through many relationships. In each of them
she learns something different. What she learns about is love and marriage, people and how they
interact with each other, and how much of a difference age makes.
When Janie is a young girl, about fifteen, she has an experience outside her house. She is
sitting under a pear tree and she sees it being pollinated by bees. She starts to think that life
should be like this and that marriage is in fact, a pear tree. This meaning that one partner is
always in unison with the other, and that one partner could not survive if the other weren't there.
Because with marriage comes love, and one can't survive without love.
But as Janie gets older and she is married to herfirst husband, she realizes that she does
not love him and that everything is not always in perfect unison, such as when the bees
pollinating the flowers of the pear tree. She and her husband do not see things in the same light.
She runs away from this marriage in search of her pear tree, however she does not find it in the
next either. She does not find it until her third marriage when she is almost forty. When she does
finally find her pear tree everything seems to fall into place for her. She is loved and she is
treated like a person instead of a possession.
Throughout her marriage she also learns that most people put out false fronts, and will
only treat you nicely when they need something then their true nature shows up. She also learns
a lot about people and how they interact with each other.
When she lives with herfirst husband, everything is calm and peaceful until he starts
treating her like a slave instead of a wife. Her husband treats her really nice for thefirst year or


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