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Their Were Watching God

Isn't it ironic how two different characters have a lot of similarities and differences? Janie
and Claire are a great example. What makes these characters connection so special is that Janie is
a main character from the novel, "Their Eyes Were Watching God" and Claire is one also, but
from the successful television show, "The Cosby Show." Claire plays a mother of five and a
successful lawyer. While the author, Zora Neale Hurston, uses Janie as a middle-aged woman who
had married three times and had found what true love was like. Even though these characters
appear to sound different, they really have the same characteristics.
Happiness is one of the many similarities that Janie and Claire can relate to. Unlike many
people, wealth and rank doesn't fulfill their conditions of supreme well-being and good spirits.
They showed their contentment in other ways. Janie showed hers by remarrying a man with less
money and rank than Joe Starks, her old husband, who had deceased. Tea Cake, the individual
that married Janie, was unwealthy and only cared about having a good time and having fun. Janie
liked that about him and was attracted to that. "It was so crazy digging worms by lamp light and
setting out for Lake Sabelia after midnight that she felt like a child breaking rules. That's what
made Janie like it."(Chapter 6, pg.98). She didn't care about the money and her social class.
Going from marrying a rich and high ranked man to a man with less money than she had proved
it. Claire was the same way, but her way of expressing happiness went through her family. She
loved watching her children grow up right before her eyes. She loves every minute with her
husband. She enjoyed caring for her family. That was the only fun in her busy day.
When it come to gender roles, Janie and Claire are not alike. Janie had been married three
times. In all o…


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