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Theme of Casablanca

One of the main themes in the film Casablanca is the personal transformation of the movie’s main character Rick Blaine played by Humphrey Bogart. In the beginning of the movie, Rick Blaine is shown as a selfish, bitter American exile who claims to have no emotional or political loyalties.By the end of the movie Rick becomes a man who sacrifices his own happiness and risks everything for love and honor.
It is established early in the movie that Rick Blaine is a man who has no political loyalties and will not participate in the political intrigue that occurs in Casablanca.Even a fellow club owner, Senor Ferrari, criticizes Rick for his non-political views, “When will you realize that in this world, today, isolationism is no longer a practical policy?” This statement helps the viewer understand that Rick wants no part of the political dealings that are happening around him.
Another example of Rick’s political neutrality is when Major Strasser, a Nazi official openly suspects Rick’s political allegiance.When asked about his nationality, Rick tells the major, “I am a drunkard.”With this simple and yet witty remark, Rick avoids telling the General his political views.
The most blatant example of Rick’s indifference to politics and other people’s well-being, would be Rick’s reaction to the killing of Ugarte. Ugarte is a black market dealer who pleads for Rick’s help after being shot by the Germans. Even though Rick knows Ugarte, he ignores the plea for help.After Ugarte’s is dragged away by the authorities, Rick’s justifies his lack of compassion by telling a club patron; “I stick my neck out for nobody.”
The transformation of Rick begins with the appearance of his lost love, Ilsa Laszlo.Ilsa, the wife of a prominent member of the French R;sistance, suddenly appears at Rick’s nightclub and proceeds to turn his world upside down.Via flashbacks, the audience finally gets to witness a softer side of Rick by …


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