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Thin Red Line

In the novel The Thin Red Line, the author James Jones uses his own experiences of WWII to write a war novel that describes the truth of war and the thoughts of the men fighting it. This novel is a long detailed account of WWII where the American troops are trying to capture the Guadalcanal, which will give America the upper hand in the war. Through this battle the men are faced with their most terrible horrors, friends dying left and right, and fear of being killed. While dealing with these fears they try to find some meaning in their lives and end up finding a union of trust with the men fighting next to them.
James Jones was born in Robinson, Illinois in 1921, as the son of a dentist, Ramon Jones and Ada Blessing Jones. His father had problems with alcohol and his mother was religious, because of his fathers and mothers constant fighting, Jones grew up with much depression. His grandfather owned one of the oldest and biggest houses on East Main Street. He had much social prestige based on oil money, but after his death the Jones lost much of their social status. Jones completed his high school education in Illinois. Because of the depression, he couldn’t continue his studies. So he joined the army and went to WWII.His five-year army experience provided the background for hisfirst and most successful novel, From Here to Eternity (1951), which was made into a motion picture in 1953. Jones’s book became part of his World War II trilogy that was continued by The Thin Red Line (1962) and concluded by Whistle(1978), which was left incomplete at his death. (Encarta Jones, James) During the World War II he served in the US army as a sergeant (1939-44). In 1957 Jones married Gloria Mosalino.In 1974 Jones was offered a teaching position at Florida International University in Miami. At the end of the 1976 school year, the Jones’s moved to Southampton, New York. He died in Long Island, on May 9, 1977. ( Jones, J


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