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Things Fall Apart

Chinua Achebe's novel, Things Fall Apart, concentrates primarily on the people and society of Mbanta.The people do not hold the society together; consequently, the Christians take over the land.Conflict arises when the converts begin discriminating against the god, stating that they are false.Anger arises, but nothing was done to fix the situation.Furthermore, the Mbanta people must not only regain control for their society, prevent situations on new settlers from destroying and disrespecting their customs.
People began to be widely influenced by the newly arrived Christians, as well as the new surroundings. Furthermore, when Christians began to inhabit the Mbanta lands, massive destruction rose upon the society.The Christians began spreading their religion among the Mbanta people, and many of the people began to convert religions.Thus, the act of people changing their moral standards ultimately reflected on the society to be overran by the Christians.The only people who managed to stay true to their beliefs were the elders, solely due to the fact that they knew how the gods wanted the people to worship them, unlike the younger people with less experience.Moreover, by Christians killing the sacred python only led the Christians to walk over the Mbanta.The Mbantas believed the gods would handle the situation, and the gods would punish the people.
Overall, people like the Mbanta need to fight for what they believe in and preserved their community.If situations arose in today's society where the people let others walk over them or turned the other way when something bad happened there would be complete chaos.People would be able to get away with the crimes or disrespect they were portraying, and society would never get better but worse.Finally, if not only individuals but also society looked out for one another and stood for beliefs, less conflict would emerge.


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