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Things Fall Apart

In the novel Things Fall Apart written by Chinua Achebe we can compare and contrast two main characters that are actually very different, even though related.Unoka is an unsuccessful slacker who is looked down upon by the community, and by his son Okonkwo, especially.Okonkwo witnessed his father fail at everything throughout his life, and decided to take a different route.Okonkwo worked hard and succeeded with little help from a friend Nwakibie, who gave him some yam seeds.It's not easy to ask someone for something, especially when we're talking about yams in Umuofia; they're such a sacred food.Okonkwo sacrificed and took the best route not necessarily the easiest one like his father Unoka would have.
Unoka, who has no title, also has no yam farms or a barn to grow in.Yams are resembled as masculinity, so the more barns you had the more you were looked up to.Unoka was obviously not looked up too.He was too lazy and never thought ahead into the future.He had no wives because they saw the lack of food (yams).This is all mostly because Unoka would take the easy way out of situations."When your neighbors go out with their ax to cut down virgin forests, you sow your yams on exhausted farms that take no labor to clear.They cross seven rivers to make their farms; you stay at home and other sacrifices to a reluctant soil."The priestess screamed at Unoka."Go home and work like a man."It takes effort to succeed, some sacrifice to make profit; somehow Unoka doesn't understand these concepts.
Okonkwo, in other hands, learned from his fathers mistakes.Okonkwo turned against his fathers lazy and lackadaisical moves and rebelled by doing the opposite of his father.He hated his father.He hated thinking about how he might become his father.He had a fear of himself, of revealing any femininity, unlike Unoka, who advertised his failure.This fear in Okonkwo pushed him to sh…


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