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Things Fall Apart

In the last century, the introduction of African literature into Western society has led many scholars to recognize and pay attention to the African culture.One prominent book that is "hailed as portending the arrival of new African literature" ("New Edinburgh Review", 1978, 14) is the novel, Things Fall Apart, by Chinua Achebe.Through this novel, Achebe clearly illustrates the African culture before and after colonialism by British missionaries.He not only shows the Ibo family organization, but also the issues and responsibilities of the Ibo society.Additionally, the changes that the society undergoes with the arrival of Christianity are also depicted.
Throughout the novel, Achebe provides detailed descriptions of the structure and roles of the traditional Ibo family.The Ibo family is usually comprised of a man, a few wives, and many children.In order for marriage to occur, not only does the man have to pay the bride-price, but the bride also has to perform many ceremonies, including the confession ceremony.Once married, the young wife is expected to have children so that they can assist jobs such as planting and making food.However, if the wife gives birth to twins, the twins are immediately left to die in the Evil Forest.This is because in the Ibo culture, twins are considered abominations.As for the children who are allowed to live, they start learning about the Ibo traditions culture through proverbs and parables passed on orally.The passing of history orally is a prominent feature amongst African societies.As the children grow older, the male and female roles start to differentiate and become more defined.The boys follow their father to learn and perform manly tasks such as yam growing.On the other hand, the girls follow their mother to learn how to cook, for example.As the children reach their late teens, they are expected to marry and start their


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