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Things Fall Apart by Chinua Achebe

There are many controversies in religion. Many questions are raised to challenge the beliefs of millions of people around the world. Is there one “true” religion? Is there only one God or many gods? These controversies overlap each other and distinguish certain religions from others. Christianity was a powerful venom that was injected into the primitive tribes of Lower Niger. The power of religion did more destruction than guidance when it came to the culture of a primitive tribe of Lower Niger.
Christianity guided the religion of the Umuofia in many ways. It proved many of their beliefs false and encouraged the Lower Niger tribes to experience love and compassion shown through Christianity. Followers were easily attracted when the missionaries survived for several nights in the Evil Forest. Christianity guided the tribes of the Lower Niger into a greater understanding of the world. Barbaric rituals and the killing of twins did not make sense in thefirst place. Christianity opened the eyes of the Umuofia and other tribes in the Lower Niger. It gave a path for those who didn’t believe in barbaric rituals and insane beliefs. It was more like a safe haven for those with caring hearts. It attracted Nwoye almost instantly.
Although Christianity guided the primitive tribes of the Lower Niger into a greater understanding of things, it also caused a lot of destruction. Christianity nearly annhilated the culture and faith of these primitive tribes. What began as a peaceful missionary outreach to the tribes, turned into a harsh and violent attempt to convert all the tribes. Mr. Smith, an intolerant and strict man, tried doing so with the help of Enoch, a zealous convert. Unmasking an egwugwu during a sacred ritual only made the tribesmen angry. They burned Enoch’s compound and Mr. Smith’s church down. By going too far to trying to convert primitive tribespeople, Christianity was overpowered by the culture and faith of


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