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Thirteen Video Assignment

Throughout the entire movie, President JFK and his advisors' ideas about what to do about the missiles in Cuba differed greatly from the Hawk's views.The relationship between the two teams trying to work together was always very tense and anything but harmonious.In the movie, it was very easy to sense that JFK had no interest in war, and just wanted the Soviets to remove their missiles, and put this situation behind him, and everyone else in the country.On the other hand, the Hawks gave not so subtle hints that they wanted war, believing it was the only thing that would put the Soviets back in their place, and relieve the world of its fear.At the end of the movie, the president, his advisors, and the Hawk's finally were able to work together and end the Cuban Missile Crisis.
The process that led to the resolution of the Cuban Missile Crisis was long, but in the end successful.The quarantine that was placed upon Cuba by the United States seemed atfirst as if it would not be effective.This discouraged the Hawk's greatly, and made them anxious to fire upon any disobedient ships.They did fire warning shots without permission by the president, but ceased fire immediately when they were ordered to.Realizing that the quarantine was becoming effective, the Hawk's began to have faith in JFK, and did not seem so determined to go to war.This enabled JFK to do his job correctly without so much pressure, and end the Cuban Missile Crisis by simply negotiating with the Soviets to remove their missiles.
If this kind of relationship existed today, it would greatly impact the situation in Iraq.If the army, navy, marines etc. fired even just warning shots upon Iraq or its ships, like in "Thirteen Days", everyone would probably be dead.Seeing as how Saddam is so evil and crazy, he most likely wouldn't have second thoughts about firing nuclear weapons up


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