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Set in Sheffield, England, the movie, Threads, depicts what life would be like after a nuclear attack. Threads is a graphically disturbing and extremely realistic film because the director does not dilute any of the consequences of nuclear war. These consequences include death, starvation, trauma, hunger and disease. The use of voiceovers and black and white photographs throughout the film give the movie of a documentary feeling, which automatically makes an audience believe what is happening is not just someone's imagination, but is indeed fact. Furthermore facts that appear on the screen such as "100 million tons of smoke and 500 million tons of dust have been lifted into the atmosphere by the nuclear exchange" and "deaths now between 17 and 38 million" make the film very lifelike. There are also many intense and disturbing scenes such as Jimmy's dad throwing up, Ruth having her baby or Jimmy's friend and Ruth eating the lamb that add to the movie's realism. The characters from this devastated world seem so genuine that it is easy to believe that this really could happen. The main characters of the movie, Ruth, and her fiancé Jimmy, are regular ordinary people going about their lives, thus allowing the audience to connect more easily with what the character are going through. Also, the extreme graphics of the film makes the impact of a nuclear war seem very authentic. Such graphic scenes as, people buying dead rats for food, the chilling hospital scene with blood everywhere and people being amputated on without any anesthetic and Ruth's daughter having a severely mutated baby all add to the realism of the film. Threads is a film that makes one wonder if a nuclear war could ever happen at all or if in fact it could happen tomorrow in your own town. Threads blunt realism depicts the effects of nuclear war clearly makes one realize shudder and realize just how powerful nuclear weapons…


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