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In "Threads", a movie depicting a nuclear war, it was shown how some simple events could lead to almost total annihilation. The movie is started with a tranquil setting of two kids sitting in the countryside in a vehicle. Very subtly, they are announcing the events of an advance from Russia into the country of Iran. Russia is sending troops into Iran because they do not have a Communist Government ruling. Russia wants to correct this flaw and make it a Communist country. The United States of America hears news of the advances and threatens the Russian Government to pull out the troops and leave Iran alone. Russia, being stubborn, doesn't comply to the threats and withholds retreat. This reaction to the threat causes the US to threaten them with a war. The British government started to inform the leaders of the cites to go to the bunkers and start to plan for a war, plus come up with a plan to control the city after, if a war does occur. The US wanted to watch the actions taking place, so they sent some submarines over to the Persian Gulf to survey the motives of the Russian troops. One of the submarines that was in the area suddenly, without a trace, disappeared. The US suspected that Russia had somehow destroyed the submarine without any detection. This stunt was the leading element to the panic and wide spread fear throughout the world. People with fear of a war started to buy food and fuel. The tension heated up again when Russia decided to move nuclear weapons into their base in Iran. This is the stepping stone to thefirst nuclear explosions. The US sent over a fleet of B-52 fighter planes to bomb the base that they were in. Unfortunately, the US forgot that they had nuclear tipped missiles. Russia shot the B-52's out of the air with, just a few, of their ample supply of missiles. These actions started widespread panic, and people just started to go crazy and buy everythin…


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