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To kill a mocking bird

Mocking birds are harmless beautiful birds. They are kind to other birds, unlike the blue jays, and they minded their own business. Mocking birds were appreciated by everyone in Maycomb, and also the citizens of Maycomb enjoyed the music they made. Since the birds have such a good reputation it has become a sin to kill a mocking bird because they are innocent and never caused harm to others. Mocking birds do not deserve to die but at some point they do get killed.
Many people can be similar to a mocking bird with the qualities of being kind harmless and innocent. I believe that Tom Robinson can be resembled to a mocking bird in this novel. He is most like a mocking bird because Tom Robinson was sent to trial for allegedly raping a white women(Mayella). As the trial went on it became more and more obvious that he was innocent and couldn't have caused harm to Mayella. All of the characteristics of a mocking bird are shown in Tom Robinson, harmless and innocent. But even though its is known very well that it is a sin to kill a mockingbird, people do kill them. This situation is similar to Tom Robinson’s case except for one thing, that it is not a sin to kill a Tom Robinson or the other African American people. Maycomb was a very racist county, no matter what, in his trial he was bound to be found guilty, and he was. After the trial he was shot and killed. Tom Robinson certainly didn;t deserve it he didn ;t even deserve to be in jail. Just like Tom Robinson, Mocking Birds don;t deserve to die either.
During the time of the trial Jem, Scout and Dill snuck into the court house to watch the trial. As the trial went on both Jem and scout realized that Tom Robinson was innocent.They both learned an appreciation for people of different races. They felt sorry for Tom Robinson;s wife and children because they lost their husband and father. They also learned an appreciation for Arthur Radley, a


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