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To Kill a Mocking Bird

In this novel, To Kill A Mockingbird, the story is focused on many characters over the story but always seems to end up around Scout.
Scout grows up very close to her brother and is brought up like a bit of a tomboy. She had always done as her brother Jem did and had to play all the boy games. This is related to her not liking wearing dresses and fighting boys in the playground when nothing goes her way.
Scout'sfirst days at school teaches her many things. She learns how to cope with people she doesn't necessarily get along with and other ways to deal with problems apart from fighting who you think is to blame. She learns that not everyone lives the same way and that her way is not the only way.
The shooting of the dog made Scout see her father a different way. Scout and Jem didn't think much of Atticus because he couldn't play football like all the other fathers. When Jem and Scout saw their father take down the dog they were proud of him. They could hold their heads high when people talked about their father and I think this helped Scout to stay out of trouble at school.
Scout was interested in Boo Radley right from the word go. I think she was interested in his story and the experiences he has had in the life that he has led. I believe she was intrigued by the mystery that surrounds the legend of Boo Radley.
The court case had a fairly large impact on Scout's life. It showed her that good does not always win over evil. Before the court case Scout was living in an ideal world. There was no school, if you did something bad you would be punished for it and if you didn't do something your name would be cleared. The court case changed all this for Scout. She was thrown into the real world.
All of these incidences have affected the way Scout sees the world and how she has grown up. Scout's opinion of certain people has changed after these experiences. She doesn't judge people unti


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