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To Kill a Mocking Bird

Lessons Learned
All life's lessons are to be learned in your childhood.The most common lesson is not to judge someone by the way they live, the way they dress, even the way they talk or act.Another lesson to be learned when you are young is that you have to respect yourself before you can respect others. The last lesson that I will talk about is that you can't live one way at home and then another when you are out in public.
These lessons were taught to Scout by her father Atticus.Thefirst lesson was about you having to get in someone else's skin before you can judge that person.Which is very true you can't just judge a person by what they look like, act or wear.
The second lesson that was about having to respect yourself before you can respect others. This is also very true.If you have no respect for yourself then there is no way you can respect anybody else because you wouldn't know how to act.
The last lesson that was taught to Scout was a good lesson. I think this lesson is about being yourself and not doing something because someone else does it.You really have to be yourself other wise people wont know your real personality. I think you need to be yourself to like yourself. I think that is what Scout had to learn too.
The lessons in your childhood are the best lessons.Learn them, use them and BE YOURSELF.Some mistakes are bigger than others are but everything will turn out just fine!

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