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To Kill A Mocking Bird

Atticus is courageous by following his values and morals. Not only is Atticus a highly respected town lawyer, he is also a single father raising two young children; he is is an adequate and amiable human being. The court took all of this into consideration when appointing him to defend Tom Robinson, a black male, who was rigorously accused of rape. To Kill a Mockingbird takes place in the early 1930's in a small, southern town called Maycomb. Unlike Atticus, many citizens in Maycomb have no respect for colored folks. From Atticus' point of view every man has equal rights.
Atticus shows moral courage even when it goes against the culture of his town. Atticus believed that Tom Robinson is innocent and he worked his hardest to prove it. He shows a strong ability to keep his chin up and stay positive throughout this trial. Since the folks of Maycomb are racist, they became very exasperated with the fact that "Atticus [aimed] to defend him" (Lee 163). Atticus is honest and opposed to racism: he has full respect for colored folks. Now only does Atticus show moral courage, but physical also. When he was being verbally attacked by a mob outside of the jail, he just "remained where he was" (151). This depicts how sincere he is about every move he makes. Atticus stays levelheaded and doesn't stoop down to Mr. Bob Ewell's level when he spits in his face and threatens his family. He simply takes "out his handkerchief and [wipes] his face" ( ). Bob is a rude man, but Atticus is wise and is able to overcome what he said and did.
Since Atticus strongly understands his morals and rights, he is determined to rub off on his young ones. As a single father raising two children he does an outstanding job. Atticus teaches his kids that they cannot judge people until they "climb into their skin and walk around in it" (30). Atticus is also stern with his children. Take Scout for example: s…


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