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To kill a mocking bird

To Kill A Mocking Bird: Critical Lens Essay
Heroes come and go everyday; you hear on the news how these average people are made out to be heroes, but, are they really heroes?When confronted with a challenge the average person can show their courage and confidence and sometimes will be seen as doing something heroic. The only thing is, is that the hero doesn't think of himself as one, although he completed a great deed.In the To Kill A Mockingbird, by Harper Lee, many challenges are brought people.These people brought themselves into the open and showed that they are heroes.
Mrs.Dubose, a very sickly woman, showed us her heroism in this novel.Mrs.Dubose always liked her flowers. Jem didn't like the comments she mad to him one day, as a result Jem knocked the flower heads off of all of Mrs.Dubose flowers.Jem was sentenced to reading to her after school.Jem read to her every day and the time they stayed there lengthened.Mrs.Dubose had a morphine addiction.Jem's reading was just a distraction to help Mrs.Dubose from being distraught.Since Mrs.Dubose completed such a feat, Jem saw Mrs.Dubose like a heroic type of person.She was sickly and was able to be strong and courageous to get over her addiction.
Mr. Atticus Finch was a hero to all of the black people of Maycomb County.Many of the people in Maycomb were prejudice, including the jury for the Ewell versus Robinson case.Atticus was brought up to a case where he had to defend a black man Tom Robinson.Mr.Robinson allegedly raped Mayella Ewell.Many of the people in Maycomb looked down at Atticus for actually defending a black man.Atticus was brought in front of a lynch mob to help Tom Robinson.Tom Robinson would think of Atticus as a hero in this time of the novel.Atticus then went to court, to defend Tom Robinson.Atticus made a good argument.All of the evidence was point to Mr.Ewell not Tom Robin


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