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to kill a mocking bird/ acceptance

“All men were created equal in the eyes of G-d,” some say.There is a question brought up that is often left unanswered.Then why are we not all treated equally?The answer lies in each of us, and in three very sincere books, that reveal to us the unjust ways of our society, in their own unique way.These books by title are Harper Lee’s To Kill a Mockingbird, J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s, and StoneRay Bradbury’s Fahrenheit 451. Each send the message of prejudice’s that are frequently interfering in our lives.All tell of a separate prejudice which are expressed to us in their writing.
In Lee’s book we find racial prejudice between a black man on one end, and almost an entire Southern white town on the other.This colored man was wrongly accused of raping, and abusing a poor low-class white girl.The girl’s father fabricated this story out of blind hate.Expressed in this book is the oppression put upon Negro’sfor being dimwitted, poor, and unworthy of the title “man.”None of which are true, but rather imagined out of fear.Lee has inspired many by showing the world that if one has enough strength, and courage to stand up for what he believes in, he can have the power to make just out of any evil.
Rowling, in her book, shows us a prejudice that is not as much noticed, or titled. She articulates to us the prejudice of superiority.Many in this novel are disturbed by the admirable things Harry, an innocent, and eager child, has accomplished.He had defeated a man, well beyond his years, and might, without his knowing, and this became a ready reason for dislike.When one is jealous, all innocent thoughts are shadowed by fury, and rage, and anything becomes possible.Rowling teaches us that the greatest weapon for such a thing is friendship.All of Harry’s positive attributes become visible in his “equals,” an…


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