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To Kill a Mocking Bird ( comp. of movie and novel)

The movie, To Kill a Mockingbird, is one of the best family oriented dramas ever made.The film has a timeless quality about it that transcends the very dated subject matter, which was racism during the depression in the South. The movie teaches the importance of tolerance, justice, integrity and loving, responsible parenthood. The filmed drama, To Kill a Mockingbird, presents all the themes of Harper Lee's historical novel. However, the movie might have been better if Miss Maudie and Calpurnia, two of the book's characters, had had a more prominent role.
The movie would have been improved if Miss Maudie, who portrayed the themes of friendship and moral responsibility, had a stronger role. The theme of moral responsibility came up when Jem asks Miss Maudie if she was going to court and she responded with, "I am not. It's morbid, watching a poor devil on trial for his life" (181). She felt that the trial was a public spectacle and she refused to take part in it. She showed her passion for justice because she knew the man, Tom Robinson, would be condemned guilty when everyone knew he was innocent, and she refused to be a part of the injustice. She is the children's best friend among Maycomb's adults and shows her support for the Finches when she stated, "I simply want to tell you that there are some men in this world who were born to do our unpleasant jobs for us and your father's one of them." Their father was very unpopular during the trial of Tom Robinson and Miss Maudie praised their father as a good man. The children were treated badly during this time because of their father's position on the trial, but Miss Maudie showed her complete support. Miss Maudie is a very intriguing character in the novel, a wise, funny woman of integrity, but in the movie, she comes across as just another next-door neighbor.
The movie would have been enhanced if Calpurnia, who …


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