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To Kill a Mockingbird

1. Main Idea

The main character of this storys name is Jean Louise Finch also known as
Scout and she is not only the main character of the story but she is also the narrator.
Scout lives with her father Atticus,brother Jem,and cook Calprina in Maycomb,
Alabama. Many people in the town thinks that Scout is unusual and very different from
the other girls because she acts like a tomboy because she grew up with her brother and
best friend Dill.By reading on futher in the book you learn that Scout isnt how she is
because of her brother but because of the way her father taught her to be. Atticus
always taught her to be herself and dont care about what society thinks of her.

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Growing up with her brother and father Scout learns that not everyone in the
world sees everyone else as equal and should be trated the same like she does.Instead
Scout learns that in her very own town evils such as racism and prejudice people do
exist.In the book Scouts Father tells her to never judge others before “climbing into
their skin and walking around in it.” Later on Atticus has to deal with a very tough case
and eventhough he is a good lawyer what makes this case even tougher is that it
involves a black man who was accused of rape and coming out of this case alive and a winner would be a hard feat. The biggest lesson learned by Scout is that never look down on yourself according to what society thinks of you, because you are great no matter what skin color you are.

Some important events that occured in this book are when Boo Radley risks his
own life to save Scout and Jem from Mr.Ewell. This even happens in chapter 28 when
Mr.Ewell attacks Jem and Scout and he ends up breaking Jems arm but when is about
to attack Scout he is stopped and killed by Boo (Boo Radley). I view this as an important event because this shows how ignorant people can be when it comes down to
someones skin color. If Boo had not com…


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