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To Kill A Mockingbird

In the book To Kill A Mockingbird by Harper Lee, many characters had to face a challenge of one sort or another.In my opinion though none were as difficult as the challenge Mrs. Dubose had to over come.
From the start Mrs. Dubose seemed like a typical ornery old woman.Every day when Jem and Scout passed by her house she would call out remarks about their upbringing or father.But; as the saying goes, things are not always as they seem.You see, Mrs. Dubose took morphine as a pain killer and soon found herself addicted to it.She knew quite well though, that she was going to die and set out to die "free".Jem and Scout knew nothing of this but their father (who was Mrs. Dubose's lawyer) did.It is for that reason that when Jem cut Mrs. Dubose's camellia bushes he was sent to read to her every day for a month as a punishment.So for one month Jem and Scout went to her house before five o'clock (the time that she would take the morphine).After Jem had read for a while, Mrs. Dubose would have a shaking fit from not taking the morphine.Jem and Scout, unaware what caused the shaking fits, were then sent away and told to come back at the same time the next day.That was how it continued.By arriving later each time it made her fits begin later and later until on the final day, the fits were no more.
It wasn't until after Mrs. Dubose had died that Jem and Scout learned of her addiction.Because of her strong will, determination, and the readings from Jem she died free of the morphine, just as she wanted to.It was hard for her, especially being how old she was, along with the fact that the morphine did ease her pain and suffering, but she did succeed.It was a great problem that Mrs. Dubose had but it is even a greater triumph that she could overcome it.Mrs. Dubose's dieing free from her addiction is a great thing indeed.


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