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To Kill A Mockingbird

In the book To Kill A Mockingbird by Harper Lee, there are many important events that tell us more about the characters and how they are feeling toward themselves and other characters, and how they have grown.An example is on chapter 7 when Jem and Scout finds some "gifts" left by a mysterious person in the tree in front of the Radley house.It was probably left by Boo Radley, whom the children always torment and try to lure out.

Originally thought as a freak and a lunatic, Boo Radley continues to gain the sympathy of the children in the chapter.In comparison to Scout’s still very childish view, Jem’s more mature concept of the world is clear here, along with his strong sense of justice.When Nathan Radley plugs up the hole in the tree, Scout is disappointed but hardly heartbroken, seeing it as just the end of their presents.Jem, on the other hand, is brought to tears, because he believes Boo's brother has done something cruel: he has taken Boo's connection to the wider world and has broken up his brother’s attempt at friendship.Jem’s anger at this injustice foreshadows his later rage concerning Tom Robinson’s trial.While Scout keeps her innocence and optimism throughout the book, Jem undergoes severalbig disappointments, as part of his “growing up,” and the Boo Radley incident in this chapter is an important early step toward those disappointments.

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The comparison between Boo’s soap figures and Jem and Scout’s snowman reveals the difference in how each party interacts with others.While Boo carves his figures out of a desire to communicate with the two kids, Jem and Scout make their snowman out of a dislike for Mr. Avery.Furthermore, Boo doesn’t make his carvings for himself; instead, he offers them as presents.Jem and Scout, on the other hand, make the snowman purely for their own enjoyment.This shows that that Boo is more than a "freak" whom stabbed his father.He actually has …


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