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to kill a mockingbird

Did you ever get punished for something that you did not do? Tom Robinson had this happen to him and it cost him his life in the book To Kill A Mockingbird.Atticus said the quote above to Scout because he wanted to explain that people can have their own opinion, but they should have some reason to back it up.Atticus, a man with great wisdom, suffered from the fact that he had taken on a Negro case. He was constantly persecuted for his decision, which made him work even harder at winning the case. Scout came home from school one day and asked Atticus, "Do you defend niggers…That's what everyone in school says." (pg. 75)Even though his family was teased, he stuck with his choice and worked the hardest he could to ignore the threats and harassment. Atticus did very well to ignore all the abuse and was greatly respected after the trial was over.
Another person who suffered from injustice was Tom Robinson. He was charged with a crime he did not commit. His side of the story was not believed because he was black, which really shows the amount of bias in the time the novel was set. Through the whole trial, he did not retaliate at the white people, he did not get mad because he was improperly accused, he just showed the level of respect that everyone deserves. He handled the unfairness with a manner reserved only for gentlemen, which is a good description of what he really was.
The third person to suffer injustice in the novel was Boo Radley. Many accusations were claimed about him even though they were untrue. Jem once said, "He goes out, all right, when it's pitch dark.Miss Stephanie Crawford said she woke up in the middle of the night one time and saw him looking straight through the window at her… said his head was like a skull lookin' at her.Ain't you ever waked up at night and heard him, Dill?He walks like this." (pg. 12)These were the types of rumors everyone believed in Ma…


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