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To kill a mockingbird

Courage is something not easily found among people seen everyday. To some, it can be easily obtained under a few circumstances, and in others the possibility of having courage is undefined beyond what most can dream. In To Kill a Mockingbird, Harper Lee portrays Mrs. Dubose and Link Deas as possessing courage. These two characters display a tremendous amount of courage and bravery by following their own ethics in what is right for them, and what should be right in Maycomb.
To the children, Mrs. Dubose appeared to be a mean, racist old woman without any feelings, but this was only a facade to hide her struggles and difficulties that few people knew of. Being a morphine addict gave her a public mask and rejuvenated her strength back for a temporary period, only to have it sucked again from her and debilitate her even more. Mrs. Dubose seemed to criticize people in such a way as if her old age had not taken any life away from her because of the morphine. She was characterized by many secrets and possessed problems of her own that Scout and Jem didn??t discover until Atticus had revealed her true identity and the tribulations she experienced. As the story progressed, the children discovered what kind of struggles Mrs. Dubose had to go through and how brave she was to finish off her life enduring the pain she had known for so long. What wasn??t apparent was whom the woman was; the mentally strong women who refused to end her life using morphine, drifting in and out of reality. Fighting such a painful battle with herself and overcoming adversity, her courage was unheard of by ignorant children who had never experienced such problems. Mrs. Dubose went through her personal struggles of being near death, and with a little help from the Finches, she fought for a painful pure passing, with pride and dignity.
Link Deas was a well-respected man, but during Tom??s prosecution and after his death, he had done more than his share for the …


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