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To kill a mockingbird

Every human being matures surrounded by different environments.In both To Kill a Mockingbird and Under the Feet of Jesus, Scout and Estella develop within diverse environments. The ambiance in which each girl grows up in affects how swiftly they mature at their young age.
When a child grows up within a society full with segregation and prejudice, that child tends to come to a certain understanding at a young age.Scout's neighborhood possesses an aura of mystery about Boo and at the same time the rejection of real education, along with segregation and prejudice against blacks.Scout feels thefirst true bit of injustice when her teacher informed that her "father not teach {her} any more" (17) because it is "best to begin reading with a fresh mind" (17).Scout is young, yet she has to face jeering like this from her teacher.She learns to accept this, and her maturity elevates up a notch, because she catches on to the concept of the same level of education within her society. In Under the Feet of Jesus Estrella comes to deal with many family matters, and she is constantly wondering if her real father is "eating an egg at this moment like {she} is.Is he watching the moon like {she is} watching the moon, is he staring at a red car like {she is}, is he waiting like {she is}", this is how Estrella steers herself always from her chaotic life. Estrella learns to deal with her siblings, her mother's husband, the loss of her father, and much more.Both girls are surrounded by things that they should not have to deal with, and because they do have to they seem to reach a more elevated maturity.
Many things happen within each girls life. In both books the girls have to deal with something which tests there understanding of life. Scout has to deal with Boo, and Estrella with Alejo. Estrella reaches a level of maturity that separates herself from her self because "she felt like two E…


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