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To Kill A Mockingbird- Analyze the Fire Scene

The scene in which Ms. Maudie's house burned down was an important one. These are some interpretations of why the author included the scene.
It showed us how the community of Maycomb would work together during an emergency. Every single person was out there in the snow, in their pajamas, doing everything they could to help, whether it be removing furniture or helping to control the fire. Even Mr. Avery, who was thought of as a stubborn old man was doing his part to help.
The scene also showed a side of Ms. Maudie that seems a little odd, even for her. She did not seem to be sad about losing her home. In fact, she seemed happy. She said that she was looking forward to building a smaller house so that she could have a bigger garden. She should be sad that her entire home burned down.
The fire scene also gave a chance for the author to have Boo Radley actually interact on a physical level with Scout and Jem. He put a blanket around Scout's shopulders. It makes you see that he actually cares for kids. It is as if he wants to look after them and at the same time be friends with them. The Rumors also made Boo Radley seem like an evil man who killed people and watched people in their houses at night but here you start to see that he actually is a nice gentleman.
The author is also able to use this scene to her advantage by showing us how Jem feels about the relationship between Boo Radley and Mr. Nathan, and also between Boo Radley, Scout, and himself.


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